Each section includes a separate group:

  • Purchasing Group
  • Import and Customs Group (Commercial)
  • Warehouse Group
  • Sales Group
  • Marketing Group
  • Service Group
  • Accounting Group
  • Export Group

Export group

 This group is a completely separate team and also has several various groups.
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Internal Supply Group:

This Group is called as the main heart of export due to a lot of research to supply any product according to the customer's request and supply it in the shortest possible time and at the most appropriate price.

Foreign Marketing Group:

This Group, in which each staff works on different products, leads the Research and Development of trade and export of goods to different countries with the relevant certificates and requirements for each product, according to the customer's request in each country. Therefore, knowing the relevant customs laws of each country should be at the top of this team's knowledge and priority.
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Foreign Sales Group:

The main and money-making part of the export complex is the foreign sales group. In this team, the whole focus on profitability is suitable for both companies, Buyer and Seller, by estimating export and transportation costs. This team is more focused on win-win Trading.

Website Group:

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