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Onyx, the legendary stone

Onyx rock is a type of layered rock that is made of silicate. This precious stone has been widely used in the jewelry industry for many years. The word onyx comes from a greeck word called “nux”  which means ‘nail’. The name of Onyx is mentioned in Greek mythology, when Cupid, the “god of love in ancient Greece who appeared as a naked boy”, once worked on the nails of Venus, the “goddess of love, beauty and fertility”. The nail fragments of Venus fell into the Holy River and, by the will of the gods, the nail fragments became onyx stones. 


In this article we are going to know more about this The legendary stone


Feature of Onyx

Onyx rock is formed from silica ores in the pores of volcanic lavas. Onyx is a category of chalcedony that has several different colors. Few layers of quartz and silica ores can be found in onyx species. The color of the onyx mold is black with white stripes.


  • The chemical formula of Onyx is “SiO2”, silicon dioxide.
  • This triangular crystalline structural stone has microcrystalline derivatives.
  • The color of onyx stone is generally black with white streaks. Of course, it can also be seen in different colors.
  • The hardness of this stone is from 6.5 to 7 based on the Mohs scale.
  • The refractive index of onyx stone is 1.530 to 1.540.
  • The density of this rock is 2.58 to 2.64.
  • Onyx stone has a slight sheen and is often opaque.


As mentioned, black onyx stone with a white surface. There are also different colors between layers of onyx stone and the most expensive type of onyx stone can even be a single color.
One of these types of stone is called cold onyx with a brown base. In contrast to onyx Cornelin with a red base and onyx Nicolo has a very thin layer, which makes the black base of the base look like blue or gray.

blue onyx

Usage of Onyx

Onyx stone had been used from old times in making Decorative things and making jewelry. The natural type of onyx stone is very rare, but the commercial type found in the markets are agate stones that have been improved with sulfur and sugar. It is first immersed in a sugar solution and then heated with sulfuric acid to combine the stone elements with the sugar. 

Properties of Onyx

In ancient science people believed that onyx has some Spiritual and physical properties.
Some of them  are even  accepted today. Properties like: 

  • Onyx stimulates blood flow.
  • This stone gives you energies such as strength, courage, patience and endurance.
  • Onyx stone boosts self-confidence.
  • The repulsion of negative and harmful energies for humans is another feature and property of onyx stone.
  • Onyx stone removes sorrow.
  • This stone releases energies that cause happiness in humans.
  • The stone is very suitable for people who are under severe psychological stress.


Frequently Asked Questions About Onyx Stone


How hard is onyx rock?
The hardness of this stone is from 6.5 to 7 based on the Mohs scale.

What are the healing properties of onyx stone?
Increases blood flow, eliminates sadness, has joyful properties, increases self-confidence.

What are the uses of onyx stone?
Onyx stone has a decorative application in making utensils as well as making jewelry

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